Monday, December 9, 2013

what's in your skin care?

I have recently been bombarded with people saying "I'm using this natural product," knowing full well that it is far from natural because I have researched these things. Being the pushy salesperson isn't my style so often I will just let them believe that while cringing inside. Would you want to know?

Right now I am restraining myself from hopping on my soapbox to preach how complicated and toxic products are, and for what? So we can feel the rich and creamy "goodness" as we scoop a huge amount of product on our finger? So we can spend a ton of money on products filled with water and other cheap ingredients? I hate wasting money  on cheap things. Because in my book, less is always more and that applies to products that effect our body. Less is more because when you purchase products with healthy ingredients whose only job is to soothe, cleanse, and restore luster why would you need the other stuff? They are simply ingredients for the sole purpose of emulsifying, thickening, suspending, preserving so it can sit on a shelf for years. All those waxy, alcohol-based, synthetic ingredients need to go somewhere. Either they are absorbed into your bloodstream (you don't want that) or they need to be washed off. Hence our obsession with washing our face morning and night with harsh cleansers. We need these to wash all the crud off. I digress. 

O.k. I guess I didn't do the best to restrain myself! But really, we need to speak with our wallets and let these companies know that we know. We are on to them and their cheap ingredients. Cheap isn't always cheap in the long run because our health is affected by these ingredients. Think of how the medical industry is growing. It's enormous! We must be doing something wrong when it comes to what we put in and on our bodies when medical care is expanding at an amazing (not in a good way) rate. The more we "invest" in healthy choices the less we will need to partake of the massive medical facilities. Do you agree?