Monday, December 9, 2013

we love on our babies but what do we put on them?

When my babies were babies (seems like forever ago), I used the yummiest combination of Johnson's Baby Wash and Baby Magic to cleanse and moisturize them. Assuming someone was looking out for me in making sure products were safe, I blindly slathered the stuff on them. You can imagine my disgust once I began to learn about ingredients found in products.

It is possible to soothe (FDA won't allow certain "heal"ing words to be uttered) diaper rash without petroleum based ingredients also known as mineral oil, baby oil, etc. Those ingredients act like a raincoat on the skin so skin cannot breathe. It's the truth. Now you know. If little bums cannot breathe the skin cannot heal. Yet we flock to the store to purchase Desitin or most other bum rash ointments containing mineral oil. While they may work in some ways by not allowing moisture to get at the irritation, they are toxic, absorbing in the blood stream and planting in the heart, brain and liver. This is happening! BumButter is our diaper rash cream made with raw shea butter, sweet almond butter, lavender and grapefruit. That is it!

Also, putting harsh cleansers (many containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or bubble bath on the gentle and precious skin of our little ones is not safe. Now, we all know there are some areas that need cleansing (who hasn't experienced diaper blowouts) but all other areas should be hydrated with a hard-working, bacteria-fighting cleanser. I make a product called NOURISHbaby which does such a thing. I had it tested in a lab and it consumed all the yeast and bacteria that was introduced to it. What this means is you will be gently providing protection from diaper rash by putting a breathable barrier between their bums and wetness but also killing the bacteria that can grow. It is your first line of defense for diaper rash, by prevention rather than prescription but also as a body moisturizer.
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The bottom line is make the best decisions you can, hug and kiss your kids as much as you can, and let go of the rest. You can't do it all just do your best.