Saturday, November 30, 2013

just us

Today it was just us, my son (second born of a set of twins) Hudson and I. All day. In a house full of boys there is little time for quiet. When you take 3 out of the equation you are left with 1 + 1= love. We ventured to a coffee shop for goodies, got the hood fixed on my car, tried our hand at ice skating on our pond, then out for a late lunch together. Our other people were tailgating at the Michigan vs Ohio game but we weren't the ones missing out. Half way through goodies, my son whispers "this is a lot better than the michigan game." I totally agreed. While the list of to-do was going through my mind many times today, I forced myself to stop, really listen, take in this time with son #4 who loves quality time and cuddles. Because all those things running through my mind will never satisfy. Never bring this sense of joy or have such far reaching effect. I realized long ago that the more I spend time with my children the more I like them. So today I am thankful for the blessing of stopping and enjoying just us.

powdered sugar

As the owner of a toxin-free skin care company, it may seem odd, rather ironic to have my first post be about powdered sugar. While I love providing healthy safe things for my people, all of them boys (including husband) to whom food is a love language. I have found over the years that creating good food for them is a way they feel loved. So, with all things, moderation is key. My philosophy is that you can't do everything perfectly healthy but do your best let go of the rest. There are limits; budgets, time, availability, etc. So, the day before thanksgiving as I watched 8 boys (4 mine, 4 sweet cousins) play football in the snow for 2 hours, I made dairy-free fudge (amazing, honest) for them. My sister told me that if you took evaporated cane juice (not-as-refined-sugar sold in a 10 lbs bag at costco) and blended it in a Vita-mix it would make powdered sugar. It works. Have you ever wondered how they get powdered sugar so white, pure white really? This won't be a study on the what and the hows of sugar but this is a less toxic way to provide yummy goodness to your family especially during the time of year when goodies seem to go along with the season. Why is that?