Saturday, November 30, 2013

just us

Today it was just us, my son (second born of a set of twins) Hudson and I. All day. In a house full of boys there is little time for quiet. When you take 3 out of the equation you are left with 1 + 1= love. We ventured to a coffee shop for goodies, got the hood fixed on my car, tried our hand at ice skating on our pond, then out for a late lunch together. Our other people were tailgating at the Michigan vs Ohio game but we weren't the ones missing out. Half way through goodies, my son whispers "this is a lot better than the michigan game." I totally agreed. While the list of to-do was going through my mind many times today, I forced myself to stop, really listen, take in this time with son #4 who loves quality time and cuddles. Because all those things running through my mind will never satisfy. Never bring this sense of joy or have such far reaching effect. I realized long ago that the more I spend time with my children the more I like them. So today I am thankful for the blessing of stopping and enjoying just us.